Frequently Asked Questions: For Property Owners & Managers

Is openigloo anti-landlord?

At openigloo, we are committed to bringing transparency to rental markets. We are a team of both renters and property owners who believe that tenants should get more insight into a building and management company before they sign a lease. Our goal is to make the renting process less challenging for all parties. Since starting openigloo, we’ve collected amazing stories of owners, managers, and supers that go above and beyond to take care of their renters and properties. If that sounds like you, we’d love to chat. We want to help send renters your way. Send us an email to

How can I reply to reviews on my building?

All owners and managers can claim their buildings and respond to reviews. Similar to tenant reviews, all owner/manager comments must abide by our community guidelines and will be moderated by the openigloo team. Openigloo offers a subscription service dependent on how many units are claimed. Property owners of all sizes are finding value in using openigloo as a reputation management tool. Claimed buildings have a special ribbon displayed on the website and app and is a great way to show prospective renters that you are engaged and care about tenant feedback.

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There is something inaccurate being displayed on my building profile. What can I do?

If there’s something wrong on your building profile, please write to us at Our team will look into the matter ASAP.

Someone left a fake or exaggerated review on my building. Can you remove it?

If you believe a review violates our Community Guidelines or Terms of Use, you can report it on the website or app. You can also send an email to Our team will give it a second look. If we find that we missed something the first time, we’ll take it down. Here are some things to keep in mind about our reviews and how we moderate them:

  • Our members self-certify their relationship with their buildings.
  • We remove reviews when we find evidence of abuse.
  • We don’t take sides in factual or contractual disputes between landlords and reviewers.
  • We generally don't consider evidence offered by someone with a vested interest in getting a review taken down, because we don’t know how reliable it is.
  • We won't tell you who wrote a review.
  • We don't remove buildings or landlords from our platform.
  • And final content decisions are within our sole discretion and we don’t negotiate about them.
However, we encourage you to claim your profile and respond to the review. This will help other renters gain more context about the comments.

Can I post my available listings on openigloo?

Yes. Please email for more information.